Building Your WiKi: Adoption Days 1-7

February 1, 2009 by: Enogg

Day 1: Grassroots - Starting Your Wiki


Introduce a wiki through collaborative input from your community or employees. Gaining grassroots support and finding evangelizing users will help build momentum for your wiki. Try not to make it mandatory but make it fun and rewarding. You will develop adaptions that work for your environment.

Day 2: Wiki vs. Email

A wiki is a central depository. An email is a listing of the back and forth between parties. Much can get lost in the exchange. A wiki allows you to keep track of every thing in one place and have the latest document at your fingertips. The wiki allows for real time changes that can easily be tracked by all parties.

Day 3: Your Wiki Isn't Really Wikipedia

Wikipedia is structured differently than an organizational wiki. Wikipedia is used primarily as an open-book encyclopedia. An organizational or community wiki can be structured in many different ways.

Day 4: Run a Pilot

It is important to run a pilot inside your organization. Test the wiki in a closed environment with a select group of participants. Build applications that are relevant to your organization. Make sure to develop a support structure to ensure things run smoothly.

Day 5 Hold a BarnRaising

A BarnRaising event is when you organize a group of people to work together and begin constructing their environment on the wiki. By creating a critical mass of activity, this allows the team to work together and decide on the content, layout, page names, purpose, etc.

Day 6: Don't Rush It

Be patient. Your wiki environment should be allowed to unravel organically. Trying to replace your old methods too quickly may lead to the wikis downfall. It may take time to get people use to using the wiki. The best uses will arise naturally.

Day 7: Better Meetings

A wiki will make your meetings more focused and efficient. By tracking progress, action-items and information in one central depository, the meetings will stay focused and on the open topics or agenda. Go to wiki adoption days 8-14 here Go to wiki adoption days 15-21 here

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