WiKi 101 And 21 Days of Wikis

February 1, 2009 by: Enogg
21daysofwikiadoptionYou may be familiar with the famous wiki from Wikipedia, a huge contributors’ knowledge warehouse. But there is more to a wiki. Much more... After a long airplane ride to Honolulu International Airport, you may recall boarding the infamous shuttle named the Wiki Wiki Bus. It seemed to zoom by every 20 minutes, unless you were in a hurry, which isn’t the best way to start out your Hawaiian vacation But still, there is more to a wiki.. A wiki is a collection of pages that are designed to support a community in a collaborative environment. It allows participants the ability to contribute or modify the content. The applications and scalability for business, communities and individuals are profound. Stewart Mader is founder of Future Changes, a specialist consultancy that teaches people at Fortune 500 companies, universities, non-profits, and small businesses how to improve productivity using wikis. He provides a wonderful series of videos to help companies understand how to adopt wikis. Follow these series of videos and you will find practical steps for bringing a wiki into your organization. I use wikis to keep all my ideas in one location and to notify users when something new has been posted to the wiki. This way, I do not lose track or get confused in email exchanges. I always have the latest draft of a document and stay informed as changes are made inside the wiki. Besides offering an alternative to email boxes loaded with back and forth exchanges, it also provides a central depository for important company information. You may already have a share drive on your companies intranet. Unfortunately, it only provides a one way exchange and does not notify users when new important information is posted. A wiki can serve as a centralized resource for all important company information. Notifications are automatically sent out when changes are made. Everyone stays up to date, is well informed and tracks projects with a wiki. For wiki adoption days 1-7 go here
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