WiKi Adoption Days 15-21

February 1, 2009 by: Enogg

Day 15: Request Procedure & Retention Policy

wikis3By establishing a request procedure for wiki spaces this will evolve the wiki and help manage the demand and growth. This helps establish a retention policy for the wiki which will keep the content fresh and active.

Day 16: Afraid to Share?

Here's how to help when someone is afraid to share knowledge on the wiki:

Day 17: How Open or Closed Should Your Wiki Be?

Who should see information on a wiki? Who should have access? Who shouldn't? These are important questions. Here's a good guideline to help answer these questions:

Day 18: WikiCharter - Community House Rules

A WikiCharter is a set of guidelines that will provide simple instructions to ensure productivity and dynamic interactions inside the wiki community.

Day 19: Be Firm

Once your wiki is up and running and be firm and ensure that your organization or community does not drift back to old ways of collaborating.

Day 20: Incentives & Recognition

Incentives and recognition can help grow your wiki. Here are 3 ways- gifts, recognition and employee evaluation from a manager will help drive your wiki use.

Day 21: Science Fair

A "Science Fair" can bring a community together and share ideas on how each group is adopting wikis in their environment. For wiki adoption days 1-7 go here For wiki adoption days 8-14 go here

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