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June 30, 2009 by: Enogg

GoldeneggYou can follow us on Twitter. EnoggEggbert

EnoggEggbert is growing and hanging around with the Twitter Bird. Yes, we're on Twitter. All things Twitter - we have been following emerging trends, especially on Twitter.

Quick Wise Words

For anyone new to Twitter- beware of those auto follow schemes. You will wind up with a bunch of odd followers.

First time, while trying to grow Twitter wings, Enogg attracted several scantily clad chickies. Nudists! An egg really doesn’t wear clothes unless doing commercials or posing on poster boards. Pics of humanz’ bare body parts aren't exactly what Enogg was hoping to attract right out of the gate.

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Twitter Training Wheels

There are cool new widgets and applications being developed designed to make your experience even better. A Twitter goodies site is available once you get settled in and have clicked around. Not all aps are great but you can experiment with what works best for you. Most of these aps are a bit raw so be careful. The widget below is fun.

It's best to place a few keywords into the "find" menu and locate people or companies of interest. Go ahead - follow them. It's polite to follow back on Twitter unless you are Oprah or a highly ranked celeb. They don't always follow back.

A Few Glitches

It seems Twitter is put together with bubble gum and birdseed. The system tends to crash and overload. And yes, they do have some security issues that need immediate attention.

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But it's still fun. Enogg suggests you have a purpose in mind before you get sucked down into a Tweeting frenzy.

“Hello my name is... What was my name again?” Twelve Step Twitter is on the horizon if you are not careful.

We would love to follow you back so sign up on the little Twitter Bird at the right of your screen - in the sidebar. Looking forward to seeing you in Twitterville. Our handle is 'EnoggEggbert"

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