An Egg-salacious Project Management Solution

July 15, 2009 by: Enogg

BasecampIf you are a business, team or an individual looking for a project management solution the market place offers many choices. There are numerous project management solutions to pick from.  EnoggEggbert’s team has experimented with many and most project management solutions just made our eggheads hurt. The tool needs to be easy-to-use and encourage adaptation.

Enogg doesn’t like to rain on companies’ technology parade so she won’t tell you about the bow-wows out there. But she can help point you in a good direction.

Every day the world’s most respected brands, small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs depend on a project management system named Basecamp to make their projects run smoothly.

It's safe, secure, and reliable. Since 2004.


Use Bootcamp

Every day the world’s most respected brands, small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs depend on Basecamp to make their projects run smoothly.
Safe, secure, and reliable. Since 2004.

What About You?

You may have tried a variety of solutions but they don’t have all the functionality you need. If only there was an out-of-the-box solution that really worked. Eventually you will have to throw down the gauntlet and pick a solution. Before you do, check out Basecamp.

Basecamp offers a better way to get projects done. Their application is a pay-as-you-go solution with no contracts to sigh. Basecamp is the leading web-based project collaboration tool with a tested market of over a million users.

For years project management software was about charts, graphs, and stats. And you know what? It didn’t work. Pictures and numbers don’t get projects done. Basecamp tackles project management from an entirely different angle: A focus on communication and collaboration. Basecamp brings people together. Nice.

You can share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, and centralize feedback. Best of all, the user interface will make you smile.

If you are into addictive simplicity, according to BusinessWeek: BusinessWeek

“Basecamp is addictively easy-to-use. It’s so simple you can’t do anything wrong.”

And here is what the former Project Manager for Microsoft Project said: (This must sting Microsoft, coming from their former Project Manger. Cracked an egg right over their Microsoft-heads, he did. Ouch)

“Basecamp is the first product I have seen that is truly project management for everyone.”

-Jim Dunnigan, former Product Manager for Microsoft Project

Check out Basecamp if this sounds interesting and you need a project management solution. Right now there is a 30-day trial that takes only 60 seconds to sign up for. Can’t egg-beat that. Basecamp

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  • The best project management tool i have found and that all of my consultants and programmers use is It's free. There are a lot more valuable tools to sell with a much larger profit margin than a software package. Hope it works for you. If you want to market some much needed and more widely useful products to a much larger demographic, email me. For your success in every positive way, always!

  • Hi s.d.ward.
    Enogg tried dotproject and although it is free and a cool open source app it hurt her egg-head. Seriously now, that's a great app for an IT savvy person and a smart guy like you. But for the average joe and jane, who can't figure a gigabyte from a dog bite, I still think Basecamp will be easier to use, although it's not free. Maybe those who want can email and you can set it up...but even the use is you can help them with that too! (I left your email on your post)

    Thanks for being a smart-egg, your always appreciated here.