Chicago Egg-Wobble – Rocked by The Goddess Grocer

July 20, 2009 by: Enogg
Goddess Grocer

Goddess Grocer

Those out and about in Chicago looking for a decent breakfast experience while the summer is still here (is this really summer-come on now?) here is today’s Egg – Wobble. If you are looking for a great breakfast try Goddess Grocer on Rush Street and East Delaware in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago.

“Hey Enogg, but that’s a neighborhood grocer for deli sandwiches, salads, hot cooked rotisserie chicken and wines." You’ll remind me that Goddess Grocer has these special candies on a shelf right near their awkwardly located cash register.

Typically a British native can be seen smiling reminiscently over the candy pots on a well-stocked shelf. The rest of us just slip the candies into our grocery bag during checkout because the packaging is so unusual. We have no idea the sweets have foreign origins. They look tempting so we impulsively put them in the bag right next to the healthy salad.

You may wonder why EnoggEggbert would go on and on about a grocery store of all things. Well, this isn’t’ a normal grocery store. First of all Enogg was kinda glad it wasn’t named: “God’s Grocer”. That seems a bit pompous. God has enough hangouts in the neighborhood. There's church's on most streets. No offense to God, but he has enough joints providing respectable God-spaces.

Therefore, it’s considerate to give the Goddess a hangout. She has her very own grocery store. She feeds hungry people. Cool.

Admittedly Enogg was snooping along the wine shelf, where "spirits" are said to hang and peered over the counter trying to steal a glimpse of the Goddess. Who wouldn’t want to meet a real live Goddess? Being a simple Egg, Enogg settled for allowing everyone in the store to be the Goddess. That made the experience much less stressful.

This neighborhood grocer is also a breakfast-place jewel nestled on East Delaware under an outdoor tree canopy. Yes. Enogg eats eggs (shhh). The breakfast burrito is an EnoggEggbert favorite. It came with non-greasy potatoes saddled in culinary harmony next to a tortilla wrapped egg. Lucy, the friendly waitress made sure we had water for the dogs and ice for a cold-coffee morning mixture.

It’s cozy and quiet. It’s egg-a-licious. If you need a peaceful breakfast scene, try a hearty breakfast along the Goddess Grocer’s not-to-crowded sidewalk. This experience hasn’t caught on yet. It will. You may just spot the secretive EnoggEggbert and her dogs trying to locate the Goddess while happily squealing in delight over the burrito. It's not crammed with filler-onions so you won't have to worry about .. you know... morning onion breath. Ew.

Go on try it.

From The Desk of EnoggEggbert

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