What Is Search Engine Optimization?

July 7, 2009 by: Enogg

seo-arrowSEO or search engine optimization is a cool geek-speak word for ensuring your site is both relevant and useful to your customers while making it crawl-friendly for search engines. Organic search engine optimization is a technique that smiles pretty for the bots (aka spiders) crawling around on your site.

If you organically optimize your site, you won’t be paying for expensive advertising. Search queries will find your site naturally from keywords used in search queries.

Knowing a few basics could help your organic SEO. WebNoggins offers a Free SEO eBook for small to medium size business owners. Even if you are not a business owner, this eBook will provide useful tips. This handy eBook is filled with smart ideas to build your website and includes helpful SEO building blocks. Get your free SEO Tips eBook at WebNoggins.com.

And you already guessed that there is no secret sauce. Why? Each search engine has their own magic proprietary algorithm that ranks and indexes your web pages. Google, being the big bomb search engine, uses a Googlebot to carouse your site looking for all sorts of searchable content.

At one time the HTML code with keyword rich Meta tags attracted those roaming bots. Meta tags were ultra important, but wise webmasters - some not so scrupulous, chalked their Meta tags with all kinds of keywords hoping to attract search engine traffic. The search engines got wise to the ploy and rearranged their search priorities. Meta tagging and proper coding are still important but not like the old days, like some five years ago.

Techniques that try to fool search engines are called Black Hat SEO. It’s probably easier and less complicated to just use White Hat SEO methods and work within the limits of best practices.

Our pals over at WebNoggins have coined a good rule of thumb and it’s a jingle so you can remember it when building your website for SEO. EnoggEggbert loves rhymes:

1.    Content is Queen

2.    Keyword density in between

3.    Linking, both outbound and inbound like a fiend

To learn more get this free eBook on SEO Tips courtesy of our pals over at WebNoggins.

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