How To Build A Website That Attracts Business

August 12, 2009 by: Enogg

localization3Now that you have a website, what do you do? Are you the only person visiting your website? Oh no. Don't be alarmed; you are not all alone - well, maybe. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of your website marketing efforts.

A smart website owner has architected a search engine optimized website so visitors are arriving at their site from organic search results.

What he heck does that mean you may ask!? You keep hearing words like having “relevant keywords” and  “keyword density”. Cripe - as my mother that doesn’t like to swear would say. What the Sam-hell (she says that too) does all that mean? It’s not too hard to figure out but who has the time?

Thinking like your customers is very important when building your website. When you build a brick-and-mortar business the storefront -appeal was very important in attracting customers. You needed to think about traffic (typically foot traffic) and how to attract customers to your store. In the 21st century, business density has increased and new layers of complexity have been added to business operations. For instance, today it is key to maintain both a brick-and-mortar business and maintain a virtual presence on the Internet. While Internet technology is still in an infancy stage, a business owner is left behind if this operational business department is not in step with today’s Internet explosion.

Certainly it’s not so different today than yesterday in terms of maintaining a common sense customer-centric approach. The business owner just needs to cast a wider net and keep the customer/client needs in mind. For instance, what is your customer looking for? What do they want? What will bring both website traffic and storefront traffic? Yes, the complexities of the questions are deeper-but ultimately you have more resources to attract and establish a relationship with your customer/clients.

Here is the most important million dollar question you could ever in your website lifetime ask:

What key words or key word phrases are your customers plugging into search engines? (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.)

A Smart Noggins Rhyme:

  1. Content is Queen
  2. Keyword density in between
  3. Linking, both outbound and inbound like a fiend

Now, you need to build your website with relevant keywords that match the queries your customers are using in the search engines. Enogg uses a free tool over at Google - Google Keyword Tool. Thanks to Google, their tool can really help build a website that addresses the concerns reflected in search queries. Finding the heartbeat of your customer base has never been easier.

Next, a business owner needs to leverage the market advantage. Here's the biggest advantage:

Advertising Localization

There is a significant opportunity in "localization". Many companies were occupied with global/national marketing campaigns and forgot to include local markets in their strategy. The scramble is on.

Advertising localization provides an opportunity for small to medium size businesses to interact with their local client base. If you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, veterinarian, etc., you don't need fancy banner ads that just annoy everyone. Sure you can have a flashy banner ad, but why bother if you can get organic search results just by building your website to include local keywords.

For example, instead of having a short-tail keyword like "Dentist", you could include the long-tail keyword in your title tag and on your website like this:

"Friendly family dentist in (name your local area)."


Instead of "Hardware store" you could say:

"Cape Cod Hardware Store, an owned and operated family business, serving Cape Cod."

Remember to change your content. Content is Queen. Localize your website to attract your customer base.

Match your business goals with your website development strategy. Building consistent branding is key to building website stick-appeal. Make sure your website visitors are moved to take advantage of your products or services. If you keep your customer in mind when building your business, you will be well on your way to serving your clients.

From The desk of EnoggEggbert

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