What Happens To Your Assets if You Die?

August 29, 2009 by: Enogg

Beneficiary2Death is not a topic we keep on the tip of our tongues. We don’t go to cocktail parties or neighborhood block parties and openly discuss plans about our death and what we are going to do with life insurance policies and the other assets. Death is a taboo subject. So anything associated with death is also held under the same umbrella.

But there it is, death – the looming inevitable. The psychiatric community has made a significant business treating psychoses, which underneath all of the symptoms rests the root cause  - “fear of death.” Enogg gets the willies even writing about all this death stuff, but good eggs don’t go to psychiatrists to discuss fears of death.

Joe Sinclair on his website at www.nurturingpotential.net discusses with great British humor what happened after his Aunt Lily died. Death can be messy. And then there is www.weremember.org (keep reading...) with a coolio solution ...

But let’s have a rational chat. In particular, let’s look at what you are going to do with all your hard earned assets once you pass – you know, once you croak. There, Enogg said it. Let’s forgo the fear of it all and the reluctance to speak openly about the Big Event. Let’s put a plan in place to make sure your assets go to the right people. You worked hard for the assets.

If you die, what happens to your assets? Not just in terms of a having a will. Who notifies the beneficiaries? Does your family know what will happen? Do you broach the sanctity of the death taboo-ism and tell them about your beneficiary plans? Probably not.

Oh and don’t think for one minute the insurance company or bank or any place you have squirreled an asset is going to contact your beneficiaries and report the dough. It’s not going to happen. Having come from the financial services field, Enogg wouldn’t want to paint an unorthodox picture about the holiness of our financial services community. No, no, that’s not Enogg-style.

But let’s face it, why would any asset-holding institution place a call to your beneficiary once your go under that pretty granite gravestone?

Perhaps this will help.  There’s always help if you know where to look.

Two former insurance genius men, Joe Palmer and Tej Shah felt strongly about the fact that beneficiaries were never notified. They built a company that provides free (yes, it’s free) beneficiary notification services at WeRemember.org. You can read more about Joe Palmer and Tej Shah on the WeRemeber.org website.

Sure you have to sign up and fill out the forms but that won't take long. Once you are done, all your info will be in a safe place with an automatic notification service. It's easy and all done seamlessly online. And this way, when you are old and forgetful (Enogg can't even remember where she left the egg-crate) you won't have to worry. You worked this long for your assets, why not go the extra mile and ensure the folks you love (okay, yes, you can include your mistress, if you have to!) are contacted regarding your policies.  It all remains confidential until you… you know… die.

If you have insurance policies or any assets, think of it as an extension of your hard work. WeRemember’s notification service makes sure there is a safety net beneath your hard earned assets that will ensure beneficiaries are appropriately informed. It’s a beneficiary notification vault!

Go on over to www.WeRemember.org and sign up right now for your beneficiary safety net vault.

From the Desk of EnoggEggbert

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  • Henry Joe

    What a great idea! Looks like the fallout from the Insurance layoffs has put some smart guys in entrepreneurial roles that will now help out the rest of us with REAL services