Susan Boyle Nails It With Wild Horses

September 19, 2009 by: Enogg

SusanBoyleSusan Boiled Wild Horses

Did you see Susan Boyle sing the Rolling Stones Song, Wild Horses?


Anyhow and a cat’s meow, stop right there. You have to hear Susan Boyle sing Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones:

Boyle’s meteorite climb brought instant celebrity on Britain’s Got Talent show. She came in runner up. Who remembers the winner? No doubt, you remember Susan Bolye’s name.

Enogg wobbled and bobbed with egg-heart delight, as Boyle’s obscurity went to instant fame and her melodic voice claimed an undisputed spot, center stage. Wow, humans sure can sing.

There was a question whether Boyle could manage the stress after her exhaustion meltdown the day after the finale of Britain’s Got Talent. Ms. Boyle is made of tougher stuff, certainly, as she claimed her American turf during the finale of America’s Got Talent. She nailed her star to the sidewalk with the Rolling Stones song, Wild Horses.

Boyle’s beauty makeover gives her a softer image. Susan Boyle is a brand. She is a brand that represents climbing from obscurity. A successful brand upgrades itself.  When Ms Boyle performed Wild Horses during America’s Got Talent, she won the hearts of America.

America’s love and support, enthusiastically welcomed this unemployed self-confessed virgin girl.  America loves an underdog and despite all the wealth that sometimes tags Americans with snobby exclusivity, Boyle was welcomed in America with open arms. America surprises critics and pulls for anyone wanting a better life. Even if you don’t really have talent, Americans are in your corner just for trying.  America is the land of Golden Opportunities.

Enogg’s egghead bows to the American spirit.

Pre-order Susan Boyle’s album now for $9.99 (Will be released on November 24, 2009)

Along with Wild Horses, Susan’s debut album is expected to include jazz standard, Cry Me a River, Cats musical’s Memory and the Madonna ballad You’ll See.

Or you can get the Top Comeback Divas for $36.97

  • Susan Boyle- I Dreamed A Dream
  • Barbara Streisand- Love is the Answer
  • and Whitney Houston- I Look to You

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