Alien Filmed in Rainforest Raises An Eyebrow – You be the judge

November 30, 2011 by: Enogg

Lions and Tigers AND ALIENS - OH NO!

Holy cow in a church pew - A potential hocus pocus alien’s been filmed in Brazil’s Amazon jungle. You be the judge. Is it real or a fake? Check out the video down below.

This greyish extraterrestrial with the classic sci-fi big round head and extended belly, could be stretching, after his long space ride, or taking a wee-wee. Also note the bluish glowing thingy to the right of the alien critter.

Sure anyone can go to a Halloween store and dress up as this alien. But why fly all the way to Brazil to assimilate this hoax? Why not just film it in a cornfield in Nebraska? It captures the imagination, for sure.

But let’s think for one second. As you approach the speed of light, time slows down. What happens if we slowed down time? What happens if we speed time up? Certainly if these little scary guys could speed up or slow down time, they could pop right into our awareness, and then pop right back out.

So this thing called matter is a tricky part of science. It makes you scratch your head. We couldn’t fly and the earth was flat. Got it? Oh shoot, that was wrong. Back in 1905 Einstein wondered if matter was made of atoms. Now we know atoms are made of nucei and electrons. Nuclei are made of protons and neutrons, which are made up of quarks. The quarks are tiny strings of energy. This is all amazing and still not totally understood.

Here’s something to think about when you’re pondering the impossibility of an alien popping up on earth. The nature of electrons seems odd. In Quantum theory electrons exist in different places at different points in time. Inside those subatomic particles, it’s apparent that they pop in and out of existence. Whoa. Pop in and out of existence you say?


Wherever you go, there you are

The nature of light also challenges the scientist. It has a dual nature. Sometimes it has a characteristic of a wave and other times it acts like a particle. It has two faces! But that’s not all. Particles have other "disturbing" properties: They have a tendency to decay into other particles or into energy, and sometimes -under special circumstances- they merge to form new particles. Uh oh.

So while your contemplating this little grey guy and that hovering bluish light as hoax or reality, toss this into your equations: Our universe is intertwined and interdependent to a profound degree, similar to particles in an atom. Electrons in an atom can be thought of as individual particles. But they are not really individual particles, because of the complicated wave relations that exist between them.

Light travels in discrete packets called photons. Photons have no mass and no charge. They can travel at 186,000 miles a second. The light from a star in our milky way travels as a photon through space. Let’s say the photon travels for 10 billion years and enters your eyeball (as light). For the photon, the moment it left the star and the moment it enters your eyeball are the same. No time has passed for our photon pal. Gasping.

The electrons in an atom cannot be separated from the nucleus. Thus, in the multiplicity of things there is unity. Matter is many things and one thing at the same time. So, can an alien exist or not? Hmmm. If so, then we’re related!

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