It's Not Really A Dog Eat Dog World

November 16, 2011 by: Enogg

Make sure you have some tissue close by, these pics will warm your heart and remind you to call your best friend today.

This beautiful Great Dane by the name of Lily has been blind since an unfortunate medical condition required the removal of both her eyes. For the last 5 years, another Great Dane by the name of Maddison has been her seeing eye companion. The two are magically inseparable.

Having a friend that cares makes the world a better place.

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  • Pacpaws888

     Hi JB, I have a story for you similar to this story. I volunteer at Lollypop Farm, I believe you are familiar with the rescue shelter here in Rochester, I live right down the street from it. There were two intake dogs one day, a shih tzu ...and a yorkie, the yorkie was blind and the shih tzu lead the yorkie around. WELL, I feel in LOVE with them, wanted to adopt them, but it was too soon after Sonnyboy had died and C was not ready. I was at the Lollypop Farm 5x a day making sure they were okay and payed special attention to them. I knew it would be a challenge to get them adopted out, it would take a very special person. I walked in one day to see them and there was a lady in her 60's just starring at them, and I started to talk to her about Tobey and Joey, that is their names. I explained all their speical needs and the story behind them. She said, I WANT THEM !! I started crying, well as the story goes, A speical lady named Cathy Demchuk took them home that day. I paid for the adoption fee for her as a gift from my heart, and tears of joy that they were going to a loving home. I visit her often and see the fur balls, they are so happy and LOVED. I always bring the furs boys toys .... heehee Cathy and I are friends forever and she is a Cancer survivor !! Just a story for you that made me think with I watched yours.... ♥

  • Dennislang

    Magnificent dogs and s beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Alex

    Thanks for sharing this story

    Pacpaws88 ,
    Thanks for sharing yours!